Fish Filet Stir-Fried

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Fish fillet stir-fried in spicy peppercorn sauce with carrot, snow peas, zucchini and onion

Extra Beef $3.00

Extra Chicken $3.00

Extra Crab Meat $3.00

Extra Egg $2.00

Extra Pork, Roasted $3.00

Extra Pork, Shredded $3.00

Extra Scallops $5.00

Extra Shrimp $3.00

Extra Vegetables $2.00

Extra Almonds $2.75

Extra Cashews $2.75

Extra Peanuts $2.75

Extra Walnuts $2.95

Extra Black Bean Sauce $1.95

Extra Curry Sauce $1.95

Extra Garlic Sauce $1.95

Extra General Tso Sauce $1.95

Extra Homemade Brown Sauce $1.95

Extra Lemon Sauce $1.95

Extra Lobster Sauce $2.95

Extra Sesame Sauce $1.95

Extra Sweet Sauce $1.95

Extra Spicy Brown Sauce $1.95

Extra Teriyaki Sauce $2.25

Extra White Sauce $1.95

Extra Fortune Cookies $1.50

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