Earn points for more tasty Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

Because you deserve it!

How It Works

Each dollar you spent earns 1 point. 100 points equal a $10 reward.

Your reward points are automatically added to your account.

When you reach 100 points, you can redeem for an order of $20 or more.

Plus, from time to time we’ll even throw in some tasty surprises!

Only available for online orders from our website.


What is Jasmine Rewards?

Jasmine Rewards is a loyalty program we designed to thank our wonderful customers (YOU). Customers receive points for every transaction ($1 spent = 1 point) by simply ordering online on our website at jasminetx.com while logged in.

How do I join the Jasmine Rewards Program?

When you place your very first order, there’ll be a checkbox asking if you’d like to join the rewards program. be sure to check this!If you are an existing customer, please go to My Accounts by hovering over the phone # in the main menu then clicking My Accounts. Verify that this same check box is also checked.

Can I earn or redeem points in person?

At this time, you can earn points and redeem rewards only when ordering on our website.

How do I earn points with my purchases online?

To earn reward points, simply place your order with eligible items. System will automatically add points to your account within 24 hours.

What if my order is $9.25? Do I get 9 or 10 points?

You’d get 9 points.

I placed an order but don’t see my points being increased.

Earned points are processed every 24 hours.

If I have 50 points, can I get a $5 reward?

No. Rewards are earned in $10 increments when you have 100 points. You must hit 100 points before you get a reward.

Can I earn or redeem points on my online orders?

Yes! Earning points for online orders is automatic if you are logged into your account. There are no additional actions needed.

If I have multiple $10 rewards, can I redeem them all at once?

At this time, you can only redeem a $10 reward in one order. Your order must be at least $35 to be eligible for reward redemption.

Do my reward points or $10 rewards ever expire?

Currently, your earned reward points and $10 rewards do not expire. However, any special offers we send you may have a time limit for redemption so make sure to check the message in your email for the details.

Do I get reward points for gift card purchases?

Reward points are not awarded for gift card purchases. They are awarded when you redeem the gift card for food purchases on our website.

If I have a $10 reward and another offer from your email, can I use both at once?

No. You can only use one redemption code at a time. Each reward within the program is separate and cannot be combined with any other offer.

How do I check my reward points balance?

To check your balance, go to My Accounts by hovering over the phone number in the main menu then click “My Accounts”.

What if something goes wrong with my transaction? Do I need to come into the restaurant?

Your satisfaction is important to us! Should any issues arise, please simply call and speak with the manager. We will make sure you get all your points.

I am unable to redeem my points.

Your order subtotal – excluding taxes and fees – needs to be at least $35 to be eligible for points redemption.

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