Tradition & Passion

Serving authentic Chinese cuisine in Addision since 2001

Even at a very young age Le, owner and head chef at Jasmine Uniquely Chinese, was passionate about the art of cooking. Having cooked for heads of states and major trade associations as well as performed in live television programs, Le is still fascinated with his craft. He is constantly refining his art and mentoring aspiring chefs. Le’s latest project is developing healthy Chinese cuisines without sacrificing authentic taste.

The Beginning

It all started when Le was 6 years old. Le’s family owned a textile factory in Guangzhou, China. There were many industry trade shows and conferences in town as well as in Shanghai, and his parents would always bring him along. At the events, which are often held in hotels, Le would disappeared within minutes. His parents knew that they could always find him in the hotel kitchen, chatting with the staff and asking questions about cooking techniques.

Fast forward a couple years. Le was then 10 years old. Whenever his parents invited important clients home for dinner, Le would be the young chef cooking scrumptious, multi-course cuisines.


It’s 1999. Le moved to Dallas, TX for university studies. He chose to live in Addison, TX so he could better visit and sample food from the highly concentrated and diverse restaurants in the city. One day while visiting a local Chinese restaurant, Le fell in love with its location and decor. Luck would have it, the owner was ready to sell the business and retire. Le bought Jasmine Uniquely Chinese and, together with his beautiful new wife, Connie, was ready to live out the American dream.

“I just fell in love with the location and the decor. I had always wanted to start my own restaurant and the timing was right.”


Locally Sourced & Healthy Cooking Techniques

We prefer sourcing our food from local businesses and organic farmers. We never use MSG and utilize healthy cooking technique using minimum all-vegetable oils and high temperature, fast cooking methods.